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Water Points in Athens

Water Points in Athens

Sample of Mediterranean Liquidity

An expedition through points of water and biodiversity in Athens' urban area. Follow the flow of water in and underneath the city. From ancient fountains and aqueducts up until modern constructions and streams hidden between the buildings.

A project of Goethe-Institut Athen

Project coordination | Sites of water in the Athenian urban landscape:
Commonspace co-op — Thanos Andritsos, Melina Vlachou, Anastasia Christaki

Project coordination | Living waters of Athens:
Dr. Stamatis Zogaris, Aris Vidalis, Nikolaos Providakis

Design and development of the digital map: Aris Vidalis

Director of Cultural Programs
Southeast Europe/Goethe-Institut Athen: Dr. Stefanie Peter

Overall project coordination/Goethe-Institut Athen:
Karen Eichholz, Nikoletta Stathopoulou